Benefit Advisors’ reporting and analytics capabilities are unparalleled among benefit consultants. Our experienced on-staff team and best-in-class reporting and analytics tools provide our clients with in-depth data analysis to understand why benefit costs are at their current level and more importantly, forecast where benefit costs are headed. Our detailed and easy-to-understand reports allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of your benefit programs, while our analytical processes allow us to make the recommendations necessary to maximize the value and performance of your benefits, and to manage your programs effectively. Our reporting and analysis services include:


Employee demographic distribution and enrollment analysis will help you understand underlying work-force factors that impact your plan performance and costs—putting you in a better position to evaluate your plan options.

Plan Design

We will make your benefit implementation decisions easier with an array of detailed and summary-level reports providing historical and forward-looking views of plan design and carrier alternatives.


Benefit Advisors’ customized benchmarking reports provide key insights into your benefits by comparing plan features, trends and employee preferences of sample groups of employers of similar size, geographic region, and/or industry peer group. We derive our benchmarking data from a variety of national and local surveys, as well as peer group studies. Benchmarking reports will help you to accurately gauge the competitiveness of your benefit programs, judge the cost to value ratio of your plans and plan your future benefit offerings.

Financial Performance

Financial performance reports will help guide and support your benefit plan decision-making by presenting a summary of past performance and financial projections for years ahead. Benefit Advisors’ financial reports analyze specific components, such as plan costs, cost sharing, fixed administrative costs, claims liability, stop loss, costs per employee and coordination of benefits in order to identify the key financial drivers affecting your plans and to detail the financial impact of plan changes.

Plan Claims and Utilization

These illustrations can help you plan accurately for future budgeting and plan design changes by showing how your claims experience will impact your current and future plan costs. Our claims and utilization reports track plan utilization and claims experience at the plan level, report actual versus projected claims and detail any high claimant activity. Using these reports throughout the year means that your renewal will never be a surprise.

Comprehensive Year-Round Analysis

Our detailed analytical processes are a key component of each stage of our process. Throughout the year, we work to proactively identify key trends, strengths and opportunities in your benefit plans. We share the results of our analyses with you in plain language and easy to understand formats—complete with our conclusions, recommendations and/or guidance. Our analyses include:

  • Assessments of plan financial performance
  • Reviews of plan utilization and claims activity
  • A forecast of your next renewal
  • Investigations of industry trends (such as consumer directed healthcare and disease management)
  • Comparisons to benchmark data
  • Examinations of funding methodologies
  • Appraisals of contribution strategies
  • Evaluations of administration processes and vendors
  • Assessments of the impact of regulatory changes