Benefit Advisors, Inc. prides itself on the level of involvement we have in developing communication pieces for (and with) our clients.  We have a library of templates available for customization to your specific needs. Our Communications Library contains both Employee Communications as well as HR/Company Communications.

The library includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Employee Communications

  • Open Enrollment Power Point presentations, hand-out and follow-up “what is due” memos
  • Customized Enrollment Forms and Contribution Rate Sheets
  • Total Compensation Statements
  • Wellness programs – Health Risk Assessment promotions
  • Flexible Spending Program Help Sheets
  • Online Benefits Website for reference and downloadable forms
  • Benefit Highlight Summaries
  • Wellness Newsletters that are released on a monthly basis
  • Webcasts for Open Enrollment or general updates/promotions

HR/Company Communications

  • Annual Executive Summary with detail on financial and non-financial aspects of the upcoming renewal.
  • Monthly, Quarterly and Renewal Reports showing specific utilization and enrollment information as well as PPO network savings and actual vs. expected and aggregate claims.
  • Contribution Analysis and model of various contribution strategies both by line as well as a total benefits package.
  • Carrier Contact Sheets
  • Training Sheets for Human Resource staff on HIPAA, Compliance or Carrier/Service Provider Administration.
  • Monthly Open/Closed Issues Status Report
  • Sample Policies and Procedures documents
  • Service Call Logs
  • Checklists for New Hires/Terminations
  • Online Benefits Website for reference and downloadable forms
  • Conference Calls or Webcasts with remote HR Team members for training or administration updates.

Benefit Advisors also has the ability to develop pieces as needed based on an immediate situation that requires special communication or as part of an ongoing company communication strategy.