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Benefit Advisors is a leading provider for Group Insurance, Human Resource Management and Employee Engagement Programs. We assist employers in attracting and retaining the best possible employees by providing valuable employee benefits such as group health insurance, life insurance, short and long term disability insurance, dental and vision insurance packages. These same employers look to us for their Human Resource Compliance Management and Employee Engagement Programs.

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Tip Tuesday! Employee handbooks: NLRB updates what you can and can’t include

By Jared Bilski

The National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) General Counsel has released a massive report on employee handbooks (and other relevant policies), so HR pros should probably take a very close look at their own handbooks and compare those documents to the feds’ new guide.

Specifically, the report outlined handbook content that’s lawful – and that which is likely to violate the National Labor Relations Act.

Both union and non-union workplaces

The report, which includes examples and recent NLRB decisions, applies to all employers regardless of whether or not they have union-represented employees.

In general, when handbooks contain vague or overly broad statements, employers are setting themselves up for problems.

Here are some of the major handbook areas listed in the report as well as specific examples of what the NLRB considers overly broad (i.e., potentially illegal) and what it will likely find lawful, courtesy of the folks at The Employer Handbook:

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Tip Tuesday! Health savings accounts: Little-known ERISA pitfalls to watch for

By Jared Bilski

With high-deductible plans coupled with health savings accounts (HSAs), becoming the plan of choice for many employers, HSAs are under the microscope more than ever before. 

That means now is probably a good time for a refresher on how the feds expect firms to administer HSAs as well as the types of activities that could get employees in trouble.

Key DOL requirements

Generally, HSAs are considered “welfare benefit plans,” which makes them exempt from ERISA’s many detailed requirements.

But to maintain that ERISA exemption, HSAs must meet certain DOL requirements (which can be found here and here).

First and foremost, the HSA must be “completely voluntary.”

Employers also can’t:

  • limit the ability of employees to move funds to another HSA
  • impose conditions on the use of HSA funds
  • make or influence any HSA investment decisions
  • represent that HSA is an employee welfare benefit plan, or
  • receive any payment or compensation in connection with the HSA.

In addition, as employers are well aware, contributing funds to workers’ HSAs is OK.

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Tip Tuesday! Are clueless execs killing the effectiveness of your employee benefits?

By Tim Gould

In order for employee benefits to serve as effective recruiting and retention tools, upper management must understand what workers really want. And when that doesn’t happen it hurts companies in a number of ways.


Benefits aren’t cheap, which means that you want to be devoting your attention to the ones that will provide the biggest payoff, both in ROI and employee engagement.

But there’s new evidence that what your financial honchos believe to be the most coveted benefits today aren’t. Just ask employees.

recent survey from Accountemps shows the disconnect. Take a look at what employees picked, vs. what CFOs thought they would, and HR’ll have some ammunition in the fight to keep your company focused on the right things.

The C-Level view …

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