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Benefit Advisors is a leading provider for Group Insurance, Human Resource Management and Employee Engagement Programs. We assist employers in attracting and retaining the best possible employees by providing valuable employee benefits such as group health insurance, life insurance, short and long term disability insurance, dental and vision insurance packages. These same employers look to us for their Human Resource Compliance Management and Employee Engagement Programs.

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Tip Tuesday! Is it legal to cut workers’ hours so you don’t have to give them health insurance?

by Christian Schappel
There may be a new type of Obamacare lawsuit looming on the horizon — and this one would target employers. 
Since the enactment of Obamacare’s employer mandateattorneys and employment law experts have wondered if Section 510 of ERISA could be used to bring lawsuits against employers who cut workers’ hours to circumvent that mandate.

Section 510 says, in part:

“… it shall be unlawful for any person to discharge, fine, suspend, expel, discipline, or discriminate against a participant or beneficiary of an employee benefit plan for the purpose of interfering with the attainment of any right to which such participant may become entitled under an employee benefit plan …”
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Tip Tuesday! 3 healthcare cost-sharing tactics that won’t destroy workers’ morale

by Jared Bilski







Employers essentially have three ways to combat rising health costs: change carriers, change coverage or change (i.e., increase) workers’ contributions. And each of these options can seriously hurt workers’ morale.

Because the little guys are negotiating with small risk pools, they’re hit especially hard by increases.

That means many small firms are left with little choice but to pass along more of the cost burden to employees. Here are morale-saving ways to do it:
Good for high-earners, but …

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Tip Tuesday! Why is the DOL so interested in your workers’ smartphone usage?

by Jared Bilski

The folks over at the Department of Labor (DOL) have expressed a keen interest in employees’ smartphone use, and that interest may force you to make some changes to your employment policies in the near future.

At the Spring 2015 Regulatory Agenda, the DOL announced that it’s requesting info regarding:

“… [T]he use of technology, including portable electronic devices, by employees away from the workplace and outside of scheduled work hours …”

While the DOL’s announcement makes no mention of its intention to draft regs on the subject, you can bet the feds aren’t looking into the subject simply for research purposes.

Tech muddied the waters

Technology has made tracking off-the-clock work a major pain point for employers in recent years.

Under the FLSA, employees don’t need to be required, or asked, to work beyond a 40-hour workweek to be entitled to OT pay – they must simply do so for the employer’s benefit.

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