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Benefit Advisors is a leading provider for Group Insurance, Human Resource Management and Employee Engagement Programs. We assist employers in attracting and retaining the best possible employees by providing valuable employee benefits such as group health insurance, life insurance, short and long term disability insurance, dental and vision insurance packages. These same employers look to us for their Human Resource Compliance Management and Employee Engagement Programs.

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Tip Tuesday! Another annual performance review program bites the dust: Is yours next?

by Tim Gould

A 330,000-employee corporation just decided to scrap yearly performance reviews. Think it might be time for your organization to do the same?  

Pierre Nanterme, CEO of consulting giant Accenture, recently told the Washington Post, “We’re going to get rid of [annual reviews]. Not 100 percent, but we’re going to get rid of probably 90% of what we did in the past. It’s not what we need. We are not sure that spending all that time on performance management has been yielding a great outcome.”

The problem with the old process? “Performance is an ongoing activity,” Nanterme said. “It’s every day, after any client interaction or business interaction or corporate interaction. It’s much more fluid.

“People want to know on an ongoing basis, am I doing right? Am I moving in the right direction? Do you think I’m progressing? Nobody’s going to wait for an annual cycle to get that feedback. Now it’s all about instant performance management.”

He said that “[F]or the millennium generation, it’s not the way they want to be recognized, the way they want to be measured. If you put this new generation in the box of the performance management we’ve used the last 30 years, you lose them.”

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Tip Tuesday! Why DOL’s new OT rules may not increase pay

by Christian Schappel

The DOL has said it expects its new overtime exemption rule changes to make roughly 4.6 million workers eligible for OT, resulting in bigger paychecks. But is that really what’s going to happen? 

Talk to just about anyone who’s not in the Obama Administration, and the answer you’ll get is “no.”

While the rule changes, which President Obama ordered the DOL to make, may sound good to members of the voting public who’d like to make more for working above and beyond the standard 40-hour workweek, it’s unlikely employers will take the changes lying down.

Attorneys and consultants nationwide have been quick to point out that the vast majority of employers won’t just hand over the $1.5 billion in extra wages the DOL estimated could be generated from the rule changes.

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Tip Tuesday! Free time! 7 ways to savor it

You need your R & R — here's how to truly renew and recharge 

You work hard. So how are you at relaxing? It should be easy, right? When we're busy, it can be tough to unwind. We'd like to and hope to ... when we get around to it. 

Relaxation and recreation are more than wants — or wishes. They're essentials for your well-being.  

When you enjoy your downtime — free from work or duties — it offers an emotional lift that gives you energy and confidence to tackle everyday challenges. Losing yourself in leisure may even decrease harmful stress-related hormones and strengthen your immune system. 

The bottom line: You can be happier, healthier and more productive when you take time for leisure.

A new kind of to-do list
Day-to-day life can get full and hectic. And when free time is limited, it's that much more precious. So make the most of yours by pursuing activities that soothe your mind, spark your creativity or otherwise give you a boost. 

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