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Benefit Advisors is a leading provider for Group Insurance, Human Resource Management and Employee Engagement Programs. We assist employers in attracting and retaining the best possible employees by providing valuable employee benefits such as group health insurance, life insurance, short and long term disability insurance, dental and vision insurance packages. These same employers look to us for their Human Resource Compliance Management and Employee Engagement Programs.

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Tip Tuesday! What’s the real ROI on your benefits programs? How to find out

by Guest Author

Given the ever-increasing costs of employee benefits programs — and the need to maintain them in order to attract the best talent — it only makes sense to know exactly what you’re getting for your benefits buck. Guest poster Brenden Mielke explains how analytics can help. ____________________________________________
As big data continues to drive business decisions, professionals in every vertical are scrambling to make sense of the numbers to determine how time and resources should be spent more efficiently.

According to PwC’s 2012 Annual Global CEO Survey, more than 80% of US CEOs said they needed critical talent-related insights to make business decisions. When surveyed this year, however, only 46% said their companies used data analytics to indicate how effectively skills are being deployed.

While advances are being made in the technology needed to interpret big data, the realm of benefits and reward analytics remains primarily unexplored – until now. It’s a massive opportunity to not only maximize efficiency in corporate benefits spending, but to use the insights as a basis of creating a more engaging employee facing benefits platform.

A more rewarding benefits package traditionally translates into increased employee engagement and satisfaction, which in turn drives up business productivity and client satisfaction.

The problem – despite the goldmine of talent information most employers sit on – lies in that businesses either lack the foresight to see the long-term potential benefits, or they don’t have the proper technology needed to break down data for decision making. This is surprising, considering the investments made in benefits packages make up a significant percentage of talent-related spending.

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Tip Tuesday! Steps to Successful Employee Communication [Video Blog]

by Tom Ceconi

According to management expert and dean of Harvard Business School, Nitin Nohria, communication is the real work of leadership. And that doesn’t apply only to Fortune 500 companies. No matter the size of the organization, effective managers must be strong communicators to inspire and lead their teams. Unfortunately, with day-to-day business demands, communication skills are getting short shrift at too many companies. Today we’re going to give you a communication tune-up—a set of strategies and suggestions that will help keep your communications efforts on point.

1. Understand that whether you realize it or not, you’re always communicating. Your office environment, corporate culture, and treatment of customers and employees all say a lot about your company. Each of these contributes to your overall reputation in the marketplace or, if you prefer, your brand. As Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, says, “Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.” So pay some attention to those branding elements, and make sure that the communications you telegraph are in line with your desired goals and reputation.

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Tip Tuesday! Ignoring discrimination complaints costs how much? This firm’s out $4M

by Christian Schappel

Discrimination is not something you want to go ignored, especially if you have a large workforce. Here’s a great example of why managers can’t let complaints slide to the back burner. 

If an employee complains, investigate. You don’t want to end up like Tyson Foods.

Tyson owns Hillshire Brands Co., which is the parent company for Sara Lee.

African-American bakery workers at a Sara Lee plant in Paris, TX, said they complained to management about being subjected to racial slurs and racist bathroom graffiti. The workers then claimed those complaints went unaddressed, which allowed the slurs and graffiti to continue.

As a result, the workers complained to the EEOC that they were being subjected to a racially hostile work environment.

The EEOC investigated and found that the slurs and graffiti continued for years, until the plant closed its doors in 2011, according to Meaghan L. Shepard, trial attorney for the Dallas District of the EEOC.

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