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Tip Tuesday! Here’s what trashing resumes, applications can cost you

by Christian Schappel

A recent settlement of an EEOC lawsuit is a powerful reminder of just how important it is to retain job seekers’ application materials — and what it can cost if you fail to. 

Last fall, HR Morning reported that Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Mobile, an Alabama-based subsidiary of Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated, was being sued by the EEOC.

The agency claimed that soda maker and bottler twice violated federal law when it refused to hire Martina Owes.

Specifically, the EEOC accused Coca-Cola of:

  • Sex discrimination. The EEOC claimed Coke violated the Civil Rights Act when it refused to hire Owes. It said the company hired two less-qualified men to fill vacant warehouse positions over Owes, despite the fact that she had all of the warehouse and forklift experience required for the positions.
  • Recordkeeping violations. The agency also claimed Coke violated federal recordkeeping requirements by not preserving all of the application materials related to those positions.

The agency sued only after attempts to reach a settlement through its conciliation process failed.

But, apparently, Coke had a change of heart while preparing its defense strategy. The EEOC just announced that it has reached a settlement with the Mobile bottling plant.

What’s it going to cost?

Coca-Cola has agreed to pay Owes $35,000 to settle all the charges against it.

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Tip Tuesday! Workers can get away with what? A ruling you have to see to believe


A U.S. appeals court just issued some news employers will find very disturbing: There are times when employers have to just stand by and watch their workers disparage their businesses. 

Grab a vomit bag. This could make you a little sick (pun intended).

What happened?

A group of workers employed by MikLin Enterprises Inc., the owners of 10 Jimmy John’s sandwich shops in the Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN, area, asked MikLin for sick leave benefits.

And when the employer declined, the employees hung posters in public near its 10 restaurants.

The poster depicted two identical sandwiches sitting next to each other.

Displayed over one were the words:

“Your sandwich made by a HEALTHY Jimmy John’s worker.”

And over the other:

“Your sandwich made by a SICK Jimmy John’s worker.”

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Tip Tuesday! OSHA increases fine 400% for failing to report employee injuries

by Christian Schappel

Heads up: OSHA has cranked up the fine for failing to report workplace injuries in the time required.

OSHA just issued a new guidance memorandum — Revised Interim Enforcement Procedures for Reporting Requirements under 29 C.F.R. 1904.39 — to its inspectors. But there’s a clear warning in it for employers as well: Follow OSHA’s reporting requirements or pay dearly.

The memorandum raises the maximum penalty for not reporting fatalities, hospitalizations, amputations and eye losses from $1,000 to $5,000 — that’s a 400% jump.

It does not, however, change an area director’s authority to raise the penalty to as much as $7,000 if he or she determines the higher fine is necessary to create a “deterrent effect.”

What’s required?

Under OSHA’s new reporting rules, which took effect in 2015, here’s what employers are required to:

  • Report the death of an employee as a result of a work-related incident within eight hours. This applies to fatalities that occur within 30 days of the work-related incident.
  • Report all work-related in-patient hospitalizations of at least one employee within 24 hours.
  • Report all work-related amputations within 24 hours.
  • Report all work-related losses of an eye.
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