Benefit Advisors Linking Policy

Benefit Advisors may grant permission to create a link from an external Web site to the benefit-advisors.com home page. Links to pages within the benefit-advisors.com Web site are strongly discouraged due to the evolving nature of the Web site.


We encourage employers contracted with Benefit Advisors to create links to our customer Web site, benefit-advisors.com for their employee's online self-service and wellness information needs.

Upon receiving approval to link to benefit-advisors.com, we will send your business a benefit-advisors.com Wordmark guide and corresponding electronic file(s).

Benefit Advisors is not responsible for your Web site, nor is it promising any particular content or performance of its own site. We may review your site from time to time, and we reserve the right to withdraw our permission for this link at any time. Please remember that this does not give you permission to use Benefit Advisors' copyrighted materials or trademarks that may appear on benefit-advisors.com. If you have any questions on what Benefit Advisors materials you may use, please contact us prior to beginning any unapproved use.

In addition, permission to link to benefit-advisors.com does not include a reciprocal link to your Web site. If you are interested in a reciprocal link, please contact Benefit Advisors' Internet Marketing Department. Please include your name, title, address and telephone number.

We understand that you may choose to create a link to our site without our permission. If you do so, Benefit Advisors assumes that you will confer with your legal advisers, to ensure that your site complies with the trademark and copyright laws applicable to our site. In addition, please remember that a Web site link cannot be used to trade off the name and reputation of Benefit Advisors, or for any other unlawful purposes.