Our Partners

We help our customers by partnering with other specialized professionals: Property & Casualty Agents, Financial & Retirement Planners, CPAs and PEOs.

We Only Sell & Service Employee Benefits

Purchasing all of your insurance from one agency, gives you leverage with that agency. But it is very hard for any one insurance agency to have Best-of-Industry personnel in each department. They may be a great property & casualty insurance agency, but weak in employee benefits, pension plan design or workers’ compensation risk management. That’s why we decided to provide our customers with Strategic Partners.

Strategic Partners are independent professionals that have a mutually respective relationship with Benefit Advisors, as Best-of-Industry professionals in their field. You can now have leverage and the best specialized professional by working with Benefit Advisors' Strategic Partners.

Strategic Partners will provide:

  • Best-in-Industry professionalism
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Provide dedicated services and faster response to claims and questions
  • Give you leverage in the insurance carrier marketplace
  • Specialized knowledge

Why are employers throughout Florida requesting us to help them improve their total insurance business package? Strategic Partnerships.

It's just that simple. Benefit Advisors’ Strategic Partners are ranked in the top of their respective industry. Their preferred status gives you an unprecedented advantage.

Our Partners